Thursday, November 19, 2009

Found Some Cheap Batteries: 33 Universal Battery UB121100

I've been putting out feelers lately for battery options, and I've gotten a few decent leads. But here comes a great one has developed this week.

The building where my brother works is rotating some batteries in their data center's uninterruptible power source (UPS). The batteries are a few years old, but are getting rotated out simply because of their age. They have been treated well, mostly just sitting around with a managed charge waiting for a power outage. I'm told that they still hold a charge, and could potentially still perform pretty well. They almost certainly won't last as long or perform as well as new, but with my budget...

There are 33 available, $5 each. I'm planning to take them all so that I can sift through and choose the best. Whatever is left over I can use for spares, or recycle and earn a few bucks back.

The batteries are Universal Battery, model UB121100. I've done some quick googling and they seem to be pretty a common battery for conversions, which is good news. I'm still researching their characteristics, but hopefully they will hold up well with the high current demands of EV life.

It will be nice that they are sealed AGM batteries, no topping off the water level.  It seems like I've heard that AGM batteries store better as well, but I would need to confirm that.

They are rated at 110 Ah, which is high for a 12V.  If they still hold a decent charge, they should provide me with good performance in a 120V pack, and hopefully meet my range requirements.

I'll be picking them up next week.  I'm trying to arrange some help and a big truck.  At 70 pounds each, we're looking at 2300 pounds.  They all have to come up 1 flight of stairs.  Anyone looking for a workout on Tuesday?  You could work off some of your Thanksgiving dinner before you even eat it!


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