Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Motor Problems

Plan A for my motor has fallen through.  The good guys at Electric Car Company of Utah have some TransWarp 9 motors that they want to sell at good prices.  I was planning to use one for my conversion but it looks unworkable.

The Warp 9, made by NetGain, is a very popular motor for ev conversions, with a great reputation.  the TransWarp is identical to the Warp except that it has a splined drive shaft with a u-joint adapter for connection directly in a drivetrain.  Usually TransWarp motors are used in hybrid conversions.

My plan was to use the back side of the TransWarp, which has a normal sized shaft for turning the wheels. Normally this shaft is used for accessories or in the case of a hybrid for direct connection to the drive shaft. This presented numerous problems, among them: reversing the direction of the motor, total length of the motor, and mostly a set of mounting holes that are smaller and closer together on the back side.  We didn't feel these holes would provide enough support for the motor--on Beetles, the entire weight of the motor is supported by its connection to the transmission.

More details to come, in the meantime, here are some pictures of the TransWarp 9:

TransWarp 9:

U-Joint End, for direct drive applications:

Back-side.  Notice the close spacing and small diameter mounting holes:

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  1. Is perhaps an option dismantling the u-joint adapter and getting to the splined axis? This way no reversal of the engine required, and possibly back to the right length. If holding the motor in position remains a problem, maybe a motor support could be built for that purpose.